Stellantis Belux Press Conference: news from Opel and Peugeot in 2022…

In this third episode of our report we tell you more about what to expect in the coming year from Opel and Peugeot in the coming year… 

Wim Verloy, Press Officer at Stellantis, told us more about these two brands. First of all, Opel is embarking on an impressive electrification programme, and indeed, faithful readers have now already noticed that Opel is converting the Citroën and Peugeot LCV-s for hydrogen propulsion, so alternative and “green” energy use is no empty word for them. What’s more, their technological know-how in this field must be considerable indeed… 

This year, Opel has 9 electrified models in its range, including a fully electrified LCV range. You could read already here about the first fuel cell version of the Vivaro. Opel also launched this year the e-Rally Cup, world’s first electric rally one make Cup. 

In 2024, 100% of the Opel portfolio will be fully electrified, in 2028 Opel will go purely electric in Europe. 

The stylish Astra and its elegant Tourer version will be valuable trump cards in the coming year. 

Peugeot has been working on its new brand identity, and its new logo is – as they call it – a “symbol of power and desire.” Peugeot indeed wants its brand to be more upmarket, and in terms of styling and panache, they are certainly succeeding. 

It focuses also on an enhanced customer experience, and wants the time behind the wheel of a Peugeot to be quality time for the customer. 

This year, not less than 70% of all the Peugeot models are electrified in Europe. The new 308 impresses also with clean styling, and a lot has been done to make the cockpit and dashboard effortlessly informative and ergonomic. 

Fuelled with the punch of electric power comes for Peugeot also a “neo-performance” range, and last but not least Peugeot will enter the world of electric endurance and long-distance racing… 

Your servant is also intrigued about the efforts Stellantis as a group is making towards battery production and its future development, and will bring a special report about this subject soon.

Stay tuned!   

Hans Knol ten Bensel 

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