Our BMW Z3 grounded by a broken throttle cable…

Driven back on idling power back to its garage, after a very short shopping outing today…

With the beautiful weather in Corona times it is of course proper to take our Z3 out for errands to the grocery store. But alas, coming out of the garage this morning and driving up slowly in first gear at some 5 km/h on the wide exit ramp, a passionate female jogger urged us to caution as she went past us without reducing her speed whatsoever. We found it wiser to stop firmly a good 5 meters from her. Social distancing in Corona times…Our Z3 was idling quietly. The female jogger continued her tour as said without even slowing down, barely giving us a look. I then decided to restart uphill the ramp, only to notice that the throttle had lost connection, and idling stably was all the engine did.

I then coasted down backwards from the ramp, and in reverse gear with the engine having enough pulling power on idling, I gently maneuvered the Z3 back into its garage. Is the throttle cable broken?

It looks like it, and we will soon dismantle the cover beneath the steering wheel to look how things are. A new cable might be necessary…

We will keep you posted!

Hans Knol ten Bensel  

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