Our cars – and sweet memories



Our faithful Jaguar Mk II 3.4 Type S is still with us, shining proudly next to the present Mercedes E Class 220d test car…

As faithful readers know, we have one classic car in our stable, a proud Jaguar 3.4 Mk II Type S. It has been with your servant since 1974, and has mechanically overhauled, two years later after we bought it, by a British specialist, Forward Engineering.


We recently rediscovered the photos of this restoration, and we were delighted to have found them again. This was not all. Together with the photos, there was a long letter from Forward Engineering, explaining all the stages of the restoration.


Back in 1976(!) our Jaguar went through a complete mechanical overhaul at Forward Engineering in Coventry…Just look at the quite massive engine/transmission of the Jaguar…

Of course we will make a series report, telling you all about it, and showing the pictures of course. You see our Jag here, parked next to the beautiful E-class 220 d Mercedes we are presently testing. The Jag is shining proudly after we washed it, and still holds very much its own in terms of style and panache, embodying masterfully what a sporting four seater saloon is all about…


Besides a broken inlet falve on the fifth cylinder, there was mechanically not much amiss with our Jaguar. The bearings and crankshaft were found to be still in remarkable condition, as this historic picture shows.  They are still like new today, after their restoration… back in 1976.

But there is still more. Delving in my archives, I found many photos, unique and unpublished, about pre-war (Grand Prix) racing… On a regular basis, we will present a photo, together with a captivating story…

For the time being, just look at the photos of our Jag…

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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