Unique historic moments…

Dear reader, we like to take you back regularly with some rare photos to the earlier days of automobiles, motorsport, and the famous men and women who made history. Just enjoy!

Hans Knol ten Bensel

Love on and off the track…


After a masterful victory in the German Grand Prix in July 26th 1936, Bernd Rosemeyer kisses his young wife Elli Beinhorn. They were married just two weeks earlier, and were a famous couple indeed. She was the famous female aviatrix, and he was the talented Auto Union driver, the first to have mastered truly the rear-engined racing car.

Auto Union had a new car called the C type for the 1936 season. The volume of the V16 engine was increased to 6 litres giving 520 BHP.

There had also been several modifications to better the handling of the cars including a ZF limit slip differential. Dr Karl Feuereissen took over from Willy Walb  as team manager.

The driver line up for 1936 was Hans Stuck, Achille Varzi and Bernd Rosemeyer as senior drivers. , with Rudolf Heydel, Ernst von Delius and Rudolf Hasse selected as junior drivers. Pietsch and zu Leiningen had left the team.

These cars were truly fast. The fastest lap of Rosemeyer on the Nürburgring, then not less than 22.810 km long, was 9.56,3. Remember, tires and brakes are a far cry from what we have today.

The race itself was held in rain and fog. Here Rosemeyer showed himself the true master. Bernd proved 40 seconds quicker per lap than everybody else, and won the race by not less than 4 minutes. He was crowned as 1936 European Champion in only his second season as a GP driver. He was nicknamed “Nebelmeister”. For good reason…

Elly Bernhorn flew her husband later in the season to the South African Grand Prix. They used the trip also as a belated honeymoon…


Tazio Nuvolari and the Auto Union

The Italian was from early on in a family well acquainted with motor racing as Arturo and his brother Giuseppe were both bicycle racers – Giuseppe was a multiple winner of the Italian national championship.

Tazio had raced for Alfa, but in 1938 went to Auto Union, which was in search of talented drivers. Here he is seen pictured at the training of the German Grand Prix 1938. Dick Seaman was to win that race at the wheel of a Mercedes. But Nuvolari that year was to win for Auto Union the Grand Prix at Monza and the Donington Grand Prix in England.

Hans Stuck reaches 313 kmh…


In 1936 the famous record speed drives were held on the Autobahn Frankfurt-Darmstadt. Hans Stuck here reached 313 kmh for “normal” racing cars. Indeed, the streamlined record cars were another matter. They were faster, but also more dangerous. Bernd Rosemeyer was at the wheel of the Auto Union Typ R (Record car) and after having reached for one kilometer a speed of 429,491 km/h, a wind gust pushed him off the track, and he was killed on January 28, 1938.



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