The Citroën C3 is the best-selling car in Belgium in 2022…

With 8,472 units registered in Belgium in 2022, the Citroën C3 is the most popular car in our country.  Citroën’s compact saloon is clearly very wanted for its pleasing size, which makes it easy to use in the city, its driving comfort and its original, empathetic design. Citroën’s compact sedan appeals to a large number of customers in Belgium, both individuals and companies.

“Citroën has always had a strong presence in Belgium,” says Damien Martin-Cocher, General Manager of the brand for the Belux market. “We are therefore pleased that our current range maintains this special connection with the Belgian public. The C3 is indeed very visible in the Belgian car landscape and we are very enthusiastic about it. We are on the eve of the 2023 Brussels Motor Show and we are convinced that we can use the success of the C3 to further strengthen Citroën’s position.”

Citroën builds further on is success and is planning a number of attractive offers for the Citroën C3 for the 2023 Brussels Motor Show. The C3 You! (e.g. equipped with air conditioning, BlueTooth radio and cruise control) is available from € 13,480 (€ 5,000 unconditional discount). More Citroën news soon!

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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