Our Lexus had its yearly service…and we show some clever details!  

Still going strong… and eminently reliable!

Our Lexus CT 200h had as we told you already its yearly service on the 22nd of December, and indeed, there are no mechanical problems to be reported. The Lexus proves eminently reliable indeed…

The oil filter and oil was changed, 0,5 liter of brake fluid was added, and the air refiner element for the ventilation was replaced. All this was done, parts, fluids and work, for a total amount of 262,80 Euro, including VAT. So we are all set for another year!

We already mentioned the clever mouse knob or lever to command the info/navigation screen, and another smart solution is found in the instrument layout.

When you choose the “eco” mode, one normally has on the left side of the instrument cluster the gauge which tells you whether you charge the battery when decelerating or braking, whether you drive economically or use much power. This dial is transformed into a rev counter when you choose the “sport” mode. See photo here below.

Well, the Lexus engineers have seen to it that also when you drive in “normal” or “eco” mode, which I do most of the time, you can also use the rev counter. You just go through the instrument settings with button on the steering wheel, and presto, there the rev counter dial setting appears when you restart your Lexus again.

This rev counter transforms again in the power/eco/charge indicator as soon as you engage the cruise control. Disengaging the cruise control will let appear the rev counter again. You have to disengage the cruise control with the cruise control button. If the cruise control is automatically disengaged by touching the brake pedal, the power/eco/charge layout of the dial will remain on. Indeed, only after pushing the cruise control lever at the steering column to formally and manually disengage the cruise control, the rev counter will (re)appear. Sooo clever!

In “eco” mode, we achieved 4,8 l/100 km, and not only the last trip, also the average over the whole year!

Looking at the rev counter we also understood how this Atkinson cycle engine chalks up its astonishing consumption figures. Driving with anticipation and some restraint in the “eco” mode, the revs will hardly move above 1500 rpm, choosing the highest ratios offered by the CVT transmission.

The batteries of our Lexus, first registered in January 2012 and which we bought used now already 3 years ago, still hold admirably well… so all this puts a broad smile on our face!

(Much) More Lexus and Toyota news soon!

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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