Driving Home for Christmas: the song you will enjoy behind the wheel…

Dear reader, I will be driving a BMW Z4 Coupé until the 24th of December, on Christmas eve… so indeed, driving home for Christmas. And I will certainly be listening to the iconic song by the same name… Also the choice of the BMW is fitting, as MINI belongs to the same group.

And this because that the all-time classic “Driving home for Christmas” was composed by Chris Rea in 1978 in… the Mini of his wife. MINI is now dedicating a specially produced video clip to the song that gets people all over the world in the mood for the festive season every year, starring the global MINI community.

The production of the video is another highlight in the MINI’s current brand campaign titled BIG LOVE. The motto is, as MINI puts it, “an expression of diversity embraced in practice in all its forms, welcoming fresh thinking and new ideas no matter where they come from.” The MINI community’s characteristic blend of individuality and the sense of belonging together plays a central role here, MINI says too.  The diversity of this community is summed up by the slogan “We are all different, but pretty good together”.

With the video clip production initiated by MINI, “Driving Home for Christmas” returns to where it all began: in a very special British automobile. Because the journey that inspired Chris Rea to write his successful song was taken in a classic Mini. In the video clip, the original journey from London to the north of England is reflected upon and combined with scenes showing MINI fans of today on their pre-Christmas journey. You MUST see it, and here is the link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2we7JdB7iY

We just let you look at some photos to get you in the mood, and enjoy also the sound track!

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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