Citroën improves again the EV-experience of its (business) clients…

We told you that the ë-C4 shares its platform with the DS3 amongst others, and the E-range improvements are therefore also implemented for the ë-C4.

Indeed, since October, the ë-C4s have benefited from the same technological developments, resulting in an increase of the approved range in the WLTP cycle to 357 km; This represents a longer field range by almost 30 km, depending on the conditions of use.

Manufactures are also helping their fleet customers via software (updates) to optimize the cost management and use of their car fleets.

Therefore, Citroën has been helping its C5 Aircross Plug-In Hybrid customers in France and the United Kingdom with the Plug-in-Reminder system to reduce their fuel consumption and environmental impact by displaying messages on the car’s screen that invite them to charge the car.  The ideal time for charging is set by the on-board computer when it registers that the fuel consumption of the car can be optimized based on the number of trips made and the number of times the car has been charged. This system will be extended to Europe in early 2022 and will be fitted in the C5 X. With PHEV Connect, Citroën helps fleet managers manage their plug-in hybrid fleet and optimize their costs. PHEV Connect has been deployed in Europe since March 2021 and already covers more than 7,400 vehicles…

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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