The Abarth Scorpioneoro revisited…

Faithful readers know that we have already enjoyed the panache and performance of the 595 Abarth Scorpioneoro. Just read at our test report on december 20 last year. Link:

The car we tested then had the five speed manual transmission, this time we enjoyed the sequential five speed box, which can be driven in automatic mode or manually controlled with the gearchange paddles at the steering wheel. But besides this the unique driving pleasure remained, and this was more than a good reason to put this Abarth again through its paces…

Just read further!

Hans Knol ten Bensel

Abarths are built for those amongst us who enjoy driving. As we pointed out earlier, this does not mean that you have to be a true aficionado who knows and can repair every bolt on your “bolide.” Far from it. You just have to love cars, and enjoy to take the wheel.

Nor do you have to know also all the subtle secrets of inducing power slides and maintain oversteer by playing the throttle. You don’t have to pass a racing or car handling course, although this would certainly help. But it is not a conditio sine qua non to enjoy this Abarth. Its builders have seen to it that all the electronic driving aids keep you out of trouble, the only requirement is that you understand somehow the laws of physics and know their boundaries.

All in all, the masterfully set up sporting suspension teaches you to become a better driver. Day by day, step by step.

A formidable cockpit..

All the controls are in their proper place for the sporting driver. Even the central parts of the front seats have a special padded surface to keep you firmly in position. The steering wheel falls ideally in your hand, the gearchange paddles are always close to your finger tips.

A breeze to use them for those spirited shifts under acceleration. 165 HP warrant exhilarating performance. 0 to 100 km/h is reached in merely 7,3 seconds. The sequential gearbox is lightning fast and efficient. You can concentrate on the braking, the box will downchange for you, even when in manual mode.

But if you feel more lazy, or just want to admire the urban scenery when pottering down the streets, push the “A/M” button to select the auto mode and the transmission will do it all for you. Soon you learn to induce the gearchanges by lifting your right foot slightly. Smoothness is your reward.

Thoroughbred engine…

The 1,4 litre four cylinder is everything you want a truly sporting engine to be. Freely revving, ultra responsive, even more so in the “sport” mode, it delivers formidable punch, with a wonderful staccato when fully “on song”, combined with a characteristic burble at idling and low revs. You just get never tired of it. Never.

At the same time, this engine will not protest when you potter through urban streets and slow traffic for hours on end. It will not foul its plugs or start running unevenly. It will always run razor sharp and react immediately on the slightest blip of the throttle. This Abarth is totally fit for daily use, both by experts or novices, and this makes this “bolide” even more endearing.

Infotainment up to scratch…

Daily use is also made more pleasant with its excellent infotainment. As we told you already, the Abarth 595 Scorpioneoro offers the best infotainment currently available: the 7″ HD UconnectTM system fitted with Apple CarPlay and Google Android AutoTM* – a fast platform with high definition monitor, GPS and DAB digital radio – as well as the sophisticated BeatsAudio™ system with overall output of 480 W and a 8-channel digital speaker including a cutting-edge equalization algorithm capable of reproducing the full sonic spectrum of a recording studio. Need we say anything more?

Frugal, if you want it to be…

On fuel economy, this Abarth is of course as frugal or thirsty as you want it. All depends on your right foot here.

When you cruise along on the motorway at the legal limit, a consumption between 6 and 7 litres/100 km is totally normal, and if you drive along with the urban traffic flow, a city driving consumption of around 8 litres/100 km is also in the cards.

When it comes to service costs, all the drivetrain elements are well proven and reliable, so it will not be beyond what you expect from any normal compact car…


This Abarth is the endearing sporting thoroughbred which begs you to explore its panache, but will also be a pleasant and docile companion on your urban errands. This makes this Abarth so unique, for those who enjoy cars with character, but also want to live with it. And it will only mature further over the years, never lose an inch of its charisma. So you will cherish it, for years to come… maybe alongside a New 500 elettrica in your garage, who knows?

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