Leasys and FCA Bank launch from 12 to 30 of April the “Electric Days”…

Electric mobility is growing more popular worldwide, and even more so in Europe where the growth of electric and hybrid cars has been in three figures recently.

Leasys and FCA Bank want to play a leading role in this trend, and therefore they launched the “Electric Days”, three weeks of special offers dedicated to electric mobility, all entirely in digital fashion.

The offers will be active from the moment of writing until the end of April and they are designed to make the services offered by the Group and its rental company Leasys even more accessible and convenient.

Digital offers range in Europe from mobility to financial and banking products: from personal loans to GO4xe financing, from CarCloud to Leasys Miles, to Clickar.

Leasys and FCA Bank launch a cross-country commercial promotion that includes 10 European countries simultaneously dedicated to electric mobility and sustainability. Italy, France, Germany, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Denmark and Belgium will offer their customers the best digital solutions to satisfy every green mobility and financial needs in every different market.

For Belgium, PR & Communication Director Dominique Fontignies announced that the first offer of this campaign gives professional clients the opportunity to drive a Jeep Compass 4xe Plug-in Hybrid from € 319/month (excl. VAT) in the financial renting formula.(60 months). Leasys offers this model in operational leasing from € 589/month (incl. VAT).

Leasys also offers the Fiat 500e Business Edition. This 500e is available from € 469/month (incl. VAT) in operational leasing. Finally, the Fiat 500C Hybrid Lounge is available in operational leasing from € 269/month (incl. VAT).

There is more news to come from Jeep, we will soon present here the new Compass…

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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