We drove the Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.2 Turbo Diesel AT Q4: Thoroughbred panache on any road you go…

When you are looking for a SUV with style and a sporting DNA, look no further. The Alfa Stelvio is the one you want. A true Alfa inside and out, lovingly styled to the last detail, with road manners and performance to match. We drove the 190 HP Diesel version, coupled to a smooth 8 speed ZF automatic and having what it takes for a passionate life off the beaten path: 4WD.

We lived again in the Alfa world, and enjoyed it…

Hans Knol ten Bensel

One should understand the Stelvio. It is an SUV, but with the body and soul of a thoroughbred: the Alfa Giulia. So in every respect, also this Stelvio it is a true Alfa. Undistilled. Straight. No Ice. Understandably, as it rolls on the famous new “Giorgio” platform, designed for the Giulia. 

A stunning platform with a legendary name…

The name Giorgio appeared for the first time in the automotive press back in 2013: the next Alfa Romeo generation was on its way, we were told, and Giorgio was the name of the platform on which it would be built. The romantics think it could be a tribute to Tazio Giorgio Nuvolari. Others imagine a personal choice by Marchionne.

The secret has never been explained. What transpired was that Giorgio would have a layout for both rear-wheel and four-wheel drive cars, and that it was engineered to the very high standards.

The company was planning huge investments on the platform and on the Cassino plant, where the new models would be built. Above all, it was organizing its best technical talents in dedicated “think tanks”. And was asking the planners and designers involved to set aside old rules and habits, to think outside the box.

The Giorgio platform was not only created for the Giulia. The time had also come for Alfa Romeo to prove itself in the Utility Vehicles segment, the most dynamic and innovative area of all. And so, in February 2017, the Stelvio made its debut: the first SUV in the history of the Brand. This would be an Alfa capable of driving with agility on snow and dirt roads, without losing anything in terms of performance, handling and road holding. In other words: a SUV that can be driven like a sports sedan.

Of course it has a higher floor and a higher driving position than the Giulia. But then this means more space available for passengers and luggage. Suspension travel is longer, to ensure the correct ground clearance in off-road driving. In order to increase stability, the axle track is also slightly wider. But architecture and mechanics remain the same, as do the engine range and electronic systems. The result is a car with “an Alfa Romeo soul in a SUV body”.

Driving is believing

We experienced all this behind the wheel. Outstanding steering precision, eager and sharp to direct into short and long bends, excellent stability up to very high speeds. You move swiftly with utter confidence in this Stelvio. No matter the road and the weather. The Stelvio, like the Giulia, has also earned its marks on the “Green Hell”, the Nürburgring.

The potent 2,2 liter Diesel engine is supersmooth, and coupled with the alert 8 speed auto box, it’s a gem. It just shows – or reminds us again – how good modern Diesel engines have become. It is a super silent and vibrationless cruiser at legal motorway speeds, and of course immensely frugal under these driving conditions. 6 litres/100 km are easily reached. Sedate driving lets you use anything between 5,5 (!) and 6,5 liters/100 km, using also the excellent coasting function this ZF gearbox allows you to do. Stunning, to say the least. The manufacturer quotes 5,6 liters/100 km on average and 146 g/km of CO2 emissions.

On top of all these dynamic qualities, true comfort is to be enjoyed in this Stelvio. The excellent seats wrap nicely around you and give you good support and comfort on short and (very) long journeys. The suspension travel is generous and this makes this Stelvio indeed a very smooth mount on potholed secondary roads and picturesque urban streets.

Add to this the panache and elegance of the instruments, the good layout with the center console adorned with a 8.8-inch touch-screen infotainment system offering smartphone-like ease of use. The telematic offer is completed by a suite of Mopar services for remote car management. The innovations in the field of driving technology have become even more important.

The new ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems) mark the transition from the first to the second level of autonomy: the systems do not only inform the driver, in case of need they also become active, enhancing vehicle safety.

Thoroughbred performance

Of course, this Stelvio gets truly going when you put your foot down. 0 to 100 km/h costs merely 7,6 seconds, top speed is a good 210 km/h. High speed stability is excellent, and as said, the Stelvio is a master on winding roads. Also offroad the Stelvio is very well at home.

The engine delivers its 190 HP/140 kW peak power at a conservative 3500 rpm, with 450 NM of torque already available at 1750 rpm. This means that even a very fast pace is effortless and not accompanied with high revs.

The Stelvio has excellent GT practicality, its cabin is spacious and the standard size of the luggage space is a good 525 liters.

Price winning design

The design of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio convinced recently the readers of the car magazine “Auto, Motor und Sport”.

They chose the model as the winner in the category “Large off-road vehicles/SUV” in the “Autonis” voting. Alongside the Stelvio, “Auto, Motor und Sport” has already awarded  Giulia, MiTo and Giulietta models as the most beautiful cars in their respective classes. And in two years in a row, the prize for “Design Brand of the Year” went to the Alfa Romeo brand.


A very endearing SUV, and very fast and practical too. A beauty with excellent manners, both in town as op the open road or Autostradas. It will guide you with confidence over snowy mountain roads, as its Q4/4WD is totally up to its task and a breeze to use.

The Stelvio is indeed a worthwhile alternative in the SUV segment, and will steal your hart for years to come when you are so lucky to own or lease it. Many financial formulas are devised not least by FCA itself to make a long-term relationship with the Stelvio a very pleasant affair. So in these Corona dampened times around Christmas, to slide behind the wheel of a Stelvio is something to look forward to…

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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