Leasys launches also in Belgium “Pay as You Drive” formula for Jeep lovers…

Fancy driving the new Jeep Compass Sport without the hassle of owning it? Leasys has the answer.

With “Jeep Miles by Leasys”, Leasys meets the needs of customers who mainly use their cars in urban areas, who drive fewer kilometers or more specifically use their car only at certain times of the year, and who want to benefit from a complete driving experience, without the burden of the property management of the car.

Two formulas…

“Jeep Miles by Leasys” will be available for you in two formulas: “light”, including BIV and road taxes, BA insurance and roadside assistance, and “plus”, including the BIV and road taxes, comprehensive insurance, roadside assistance and the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the vehicle.

The monthly payments for each package will include a variable part based on a cost per kilometer. The first 1,000 km are free and included in the rental price.

Both solutions are available on the new Jeep Compass Sport with manual gearbox for € 259 / month (fixed monthly rental) + a variable amount of € 0.15 / km (light package) or € 0.25 / month (plus package).

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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