A 1937 Škoda steals the jury’s hearts at the Zoute Concours d’Elégance®


We promised you, dear reader, that we would come back to you with more reports about the delightful 2017 edition of the Zoute Grand Prix®.

The cars presented at the Zoute Concours d’Elégance® certainly turned heads, and there was one little gem, brought from the Škoda Museum, a 1937 Škoda Popular “Monte Carlo”. A rare car indeed, lovingly restored to former glory by the craftsmen of the museum, as engineer Michal Velebný explained us. We show him here with the car in the following two films, and some photos, and treat you to an interesting story…

Hans Knol ten Bensel


The success of rallymen Zdenek Pohl and Jaroslav Hausman in the 1936 edition of the Monte Carlo Rally at the wheel of a two seater Škoda Popular Roadster,  finishing second in class and 12th overall, inspired the men in Mlada Boleslav to launch a sporty looking “Monte Carlo” version of the Popular. This “Monte Carlo” was available in roadster form, but also as a stunning looking streamlined two seater coupé.


The car was built for the happy few, as between ’36 and ’38 only 70 were made, twenty roadsters with the standard 995 cc engine, and fifty coupés with stronger and larger 1385 cc engines, taken from the Skoda Rapid.


Technically, the Skodas were quite sophisticated. For instance, they had a recently designed chassis with a strong backbone tube and all-around independent suspension.


This revolutionary design, much stiffer than a ladder frame,  was developed under the leadership of chief engineer Vladimír Matouš and derived from the one introduced by Hans Ledwinka in Tatra. It was introduced on the model Škoda 420 Standard in 1933.


The car here, with production number 46935, was acquired by the museum in 1968, and was originally owned by the Bayer family, to which it was delivered in April 24, 1937, as the accompanying sales records show.

DSC_0195bis Bayer1

The Bayer family was quite happy with their Skoda in the summer of 1937… 

The jury fell to the charms of this beautifully streamlined little gem, and adorned it with the «Special Award by the Jury : Coup de Cœur».


Needless to say that we were very impressed with this car, proudly shown to us by D’Ieteren Skoda Import PR Manager Catherine Van Geel and ing. Michal Velebný.

We show you here also one video of ing. Michal Velebný, https://youtu.be/TQ4aoKGVIMk, introducing himself, and another video telling us more about this Skoda Popular Coupé, https://youtu.be/Ad_XPM_Ej8s


We will be very keen to visit the Skoda Museum in the not too distant future, and stand eye to eye with many more interesting Skodas…

Stay tuned!

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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