2017 Brussels Motor Show has interesting news… Part 1


Futuristic dashboard and instrument cluster of the Tesla Model X… are promises kept by E-cars? 

Our beloved Brussels Motor Show is now in its 95th edition and focuses this year on light commercial vehicles, motorcycles, but also on the passenger car front there is much interesting news… We report here on our tour of the show, focusing on what’s new and interesting, and let you also enjoy the photos!

Hans Knol ten Bensel


We started our tour on the Tesla stand, where we stood eye to eye with their interesting Model X. A good occasion to get acquainted with the brand, as we have never driven a Tesla so far. We had a long and lively in depth discussion with a charming Tesla representative about the merits of E-power, stressing again the need for a dense recharging network to make E-cars a thoroughly practical proposition. It is a well known fact that the “official” range of E-cars is virtually halved in winter conditions, making them rather difficult to use regularly without frequent recharging.

They promised to get in touch with us, and we are looking forward to drive a Tesla – and use one for a few days to test out their range, which is impressive on paper at least.


We strolled further to the BMW stand, where E-power is also very much in the spotlight. We drove the “long range” i3 recently, and soon we will report you about our findings. Star of the show here was the latest generation 5 series. The new car has the looks, and indeed is, as BMW puts it, “the embodiment of the modern business saloon.” It is quite athletic, well proportioned as is crammed with state of the art technology, delivering on top of all that the so legendary driving pleasure so typical for BMW.


Virtual instrumentation is also the rule at BMW… but retains the typical lettering of the brand… 

We admired again the high-quality setting of the interior, and the driver is pampered with all the modern driving aids, inboard electronics and connectivity.


The big centrally placed screen keeps the BMW 5 series driver informed… 

Needless to say that we are anxious to drive one in the coming months…


There was also the European Premiere of the Mini Countryman, and here on the photo you see the Plug-in hybrid version, the Mini Cooper S E Countryman all 4. The Mini is an all time hit, and BMW succeeds in combining ever more interesting technology with the iconic panache of the Mini, making it a very desirable car indeed. Driving a Mini is also synonymous to tons of driving pleasure, and this, we would say, throughout the range. So this one is also on our list for driving this year!


Dramatic both in styling and technology is the Lexus LC 500h, a sophisticated and luxurious coupé. Lexus states it is built by Takumi craftspeople, with 20+ years of experience…


It has the 3,5 litre V6 Hybrid engine, coupled to world’s first 10-speed Multi Stage Hybrid transmission, a powerful electric motor coupled to Lithium-ion battery pack, and sprints in about 5 seconds to 100 kmh. Available around mid 2017, and it will certainly be one of the test drive highlights of the year…


We also spotted the Toyota CH-R, remarkable with its adventurous styling, a very interesting hybrid crossover which we will drive for you end of March. Stay tuned!


There were quite a few stars to be admired at the Audi stand, with the new Q2, the still newer Q5 and last but not least the world premiere of the S5 cabrio.


We just show you here some photos, and you agree that the restyling is very well done and the already well proportioned cabrio stays stunningly attractive for years to come.


Audi Import Director Didier Willems and PR Officer Sofie Luyckx are unveiling the elegant S5 cabrio…

The A4 Avant g-tron and TT RS Coupé are having a Belgian première, with the Audi S5 Coupé, A5 Sportback, Q2 en Q5 making in Brussels their Belgian show debut. We saw a lot of smiling faces at the Audi stand, as the brand has done very well last year on the Belgian market.

More to come in following reports…

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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