VW at CES Las Vegas: Your profile travels with you in any VW you drive…

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Experiencing your personal digital world in a vehicle is made possible by VW at the latest CES.

In the future, your own profile and preferences will always be with you – regardless of which Volkswagen model you’re driving.  Volkswagen presents the next milestone in ease of use Visionary I.D. electric car being shown for first time in the USA.

We just tell you here somewhat more about Volkswagen’s show highlights…just read on!

Hans Knol ten Bensel


Towards a fully Connected Community.

Even today almost all Volkswagen models have App Connect. Regardless of which smart phone customers use, practically any device can be integrated via Mirrorlink, Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. At CES, the company is showing that ecosystems from suppliers such as Amazon go together perfectly with the Volkswagen ecosystem. Person, car and surroundings are connected with one another via the Volkswagen User-ID. Using this ID, drivers will in the future be able to take their personal digital settings and services with them wherever they go – regardless of which Volkswagen or provider they originate from. This creates a totally new user experience.

In terms of integrating Amazon Alexa, for instance, Volkswagen goes one step further, seamlessly connecting the voice assistant with Volkswagen Car-Net services. At CES, the company is making it possible to fully experience how you can communicate with Alexa from your car.

… and intuitive usability.


Volkswagen is putting its focus on vehicles with intuitive controls. ‘Interactive Experience’ systematically builds on the control concepts of the Golf R Touch and BUDD-e. The Volkswagen Digital Cockpit (3D) is, for instance, celebrating its premiere.


The Eyetracking function gives a preview of how the operation of vehicle features can be made even quicker and easier in combination with touch and gesture control. Finally, with the AR Head-up Display the real and virtual worlds merge into one.


Smart Sustainability and Automated Driving.

The visionary I.D. combines the digitally connected world with an electrically powered car that has innovative controls and, when desired, can drive in fully automated mode. Volkswagen is presenting to the American public for the first time a prototype of this first compact model to be based on the Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB).


We will tell you more about each of the topics more in detail in further reports, just show you here some photos, but there is a lot more to come from VW!

Hans Knol ten Bensel


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