Fiat Professional supports world championship motorcross…


With its stunning looking “work hero”, the Fiat Fullback Pick Up, it is only fitting that Fiat Professional builds on the panache of this car to start up a title sponsoring programme for the FIM World Championship Motorcross MXGP, which takes place next weekend July 30 and 31 in Lommel. We just tell you a bit more here about the car…and the programme.

Hans Knol ten Bensel


Indeed, this Fiat Fullback will steal the hearts from many motorcross enthusiasts, but not only them. The accompanying photo shows the strong and elegant proportions of cabin and load area, and the limited front overhang clearly states that this Fullback is engineered and built for rugged offroad work. So besides responding to the real needs of professional clients, the Fullback also appeals to the off road crowd with sporting ambitions.

The front end breathes Italian styling language and panache, in line with the new character of the marque. Under the bonnet one finds the sporting power of the well proven 2,4 liter Diesel unit, developing not less than 184 HP or 133 Kw and a healthy torque of 430 Nm.

Two transmissions are available, a six speed manual and a five speed automatic, with both 4WD of course.



Fiat Professional will support the entire 2016 FIM Motorcross programme and act as a title sponsor for three races, one held this Sunday in Lommel, and two further races in the UK and Italy. Domenico Costoli, head of Fiat Professional for the EMEA region, stated: ” This means much more than mere sponsorship for our brand. The Fullback is the star of our range, and with motorcross we can show the sporting soul of our brand and fully demonstrate the high-level offroad capacities of our pick-up.”

At every European event of the FIM Motorcross programme Fiat Professional will show the entire range to the public, with the Fullback being the appealing “hero” pick up which will be staged in different configurations, dimensions and engines.

Hans Knol ten Bensel



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