Skoda is soon entering the large SUV segment with its KODIAQ


ŠKODA is beginning its major SUV campaign with the ŠKODA KODIAQ. The 4.70-m-long SUV is a real all-rounder. It offers the largest boot capacity within its class. With the optional third row of seats, it has yet another unique selling point in the segment.

We show you here some camouflage photos with the car on the move… being tested prior to launch. It will be on sale at the beginning of 2017, we just te”ll you some more about this remarkable SUV…

Hans Knol ten Bensel


“Our new ŠKODA KODIAQ SUV is a great all-rounder,” said ŠKODA CEO, Bernhard Maier. “It combines an active sense of vitality with the brand’s classic qualities – a high degree of functionality and an outstanding amount of space.

Indeed, it also brings the brand’s new design language into the SUV segment. Besides stylish, it is also practical: whether as a five- or seven-seater, the ŠKODA KODIAQ has plenty of space for everyone and everything. In addition, with a capacity of up to 2,065 litres, the five-seater boasts the largest boot within its class. The longitudinally adjustable rear seats come as standard, the backrests can be tilted as required.

The ŠKODA KODIAQ introduces new concepts, like plastic door-edge protection that deploys automatically to avoid damaging the vehicle in garages or car parks. There is an electric child safety lock for the youngest passengers as well as a sleep comfort package with special headrests for long trips.


With innovative connectivity solutions, the ŠKODA KODIAQ offers a lot. The infotainment elements originate from Volkswagen Group’s second-generation Modular Infotainment Matrix. They provide  numerous functions and interfaces, and are all equipped with capacitive touchscreens. The top-of-the-range Columbus and Amundsen systems come with a WiFi hotspot.

The ŠKODA KODIAQ reaches a new level when it comes to the intelligent pairing of car and smartphone. The SmartLink platform, with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, MirrorLinkTM and SmartGate, is optional for the entry-level Swing infotainment system.

Driver assistance systems In the ŠKODA KODIAQ, a wide range of driving assistance systems is available, including Area View cameras.

When a trailer is attached to the large SUV, the Tow Assist system takes over manoeuvring when reversing slowly. The new predictive pedestrian protection function complements Front Assist.

Powerful and agile: engines and chassis When the ŠKODA KODIAQ launches at the beginning of 2017, there will be a choice of five engines: two TDIs and three TSIs. The most powerful petrol engine, the 2.0-litre TSI, provides dynamic driving performance with a power output of 132 kW (180 PS).

A range of technology is available for the transmission – six-speed manual gearbox, DSG transmission, front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

When the going gets rough, one is prepared: at the touch of a button, all the relevant systems – engine management, assistance systems, electronic chassis systems, such as ABS and ESC, as well as the suspension if combined with the optional DCC – automatically adjust to off-road conditions.

We look forward to see the car in the flesh!


Hans Knol ten Bensel

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