We drove the Peugeot 308 SW GT Diesel Blue HDI: your stylish lion to go places…

Peugeot styling has panache and zest, and a short look at this 308 SW will convince you. The 308 SW we tested here for you came even in the GT version, which adds even more flamboyance.

The 308 finds a technical sister in the DS4, and its technology is well proven indeed.

Under the hood of our test car pounded the powerful heart of a 1,5 litre “Blue HDI” Diesel, and it impressed us greatly. Let it be said, modern day diesels have come a (very) long way, combining excellent pulling power with legendary economy. Here it was coupled to the Aisin 8 speed auto box we see also in many other models of the Stellantis group, as does the engine by the way.

We asked ourselves how a diesel would compare with our modern petrol engines and (fully) electrified drivetrains, so read on!

Hans Knol ten Bensel

Sliding behind the stylish wheel of this 308 GT, our eyes immediately fell on the beautiful instrumentation. I think personally that the Peugeot stylists did a wonderful job. You have the impression to sit in a sports or racing car, reminiscent even of a formula 1 car, if you let yourself get a bit carried away. It certainly has character. The small steering wheel and the high positioning of the instrument cluster reinforce the feeling to sit in the cockpit of a very sporting machine. The size of the steering wheel also enhances the impression of agility and indeed encourages you to drive this Peugeot in a spirited manner.

Pushing the starting button lets the diesel come to life. It certainly changes from the velvety e-power we are now increasingly becoming accustomed to. Vibrations are clearly felt in the steering wheel, and even at cruising speeds some vibrations are felt. Indeed, the laws of physics inevitably come into play when the engine is very efficient and the gearing is very high indeed.

Of course, this efficiency results in stellar economy. According to the WLTP cycle, this 308 SW consumes merely liters in the urban cycle. On secondary roads, the consumption even drops to 4,5 l/100 km, and a modern Diesel is also absolutely king when it comes to high constant speed runs on the Autobahnen or Autoroutes. The WLTP cycle average quotes here 4,9 l/100 km. Co2 emissions are 129/148 g/km.

Are these figures realistic? Yes, if you drive accordingly. We repeat it time and again, one should drive with anticipation, use the available kinetic energy to the max to obtain decent fuel economy. This means coast as much as you can, instead of using the brakes. Drive in a fluid manner. You will in a few days be amply rewarded at the fuel pump. The average consumption in urban traffic of my Lexus CT 200h? 4,7 l/100 km, smoothly, no sweat. In the present state of affairs with still a fair amount of “grey” electricity, it wins the well to wheel CO2 contest still hands down.

So much for that. The torque of this 130 HP diesel is ample with 300 Nm. The 8 speed automatic takes well advantage of that, and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is a brisk 10,6 seconds. Top speed is 207 km, indeed, on the Autoroutes this 308 SW is fast.

Daily life with the 308 SW…

An aura of sporting panache pervades the interior. The quality of the materials and finish is impressive. We loved also the clean yet rather dramatic styling of the centre console and dashboard. Under the touchscreen is a smaller horizontal screen with a fixed layout where you can always select the main menu functions, and below that are manual switches for heating and ventilation, as one finds also in the DS4. This layout is logical, and you find your way soon enough, without having to consult a bible thick manual.

Peugeot wouldn’t be Peugeot if the seats were not excellent and the seating position is also beyond reproach.

Head- and legroom is good, also at the rear. Our modern cars have a very raked windscreen and when one wears a hat, as your servant invariably does, you have to be careful not to touch the roof rim. The Peugeot is no exception to the rule…

Boot space is more than adequate, 608 litres is available with both rear seat backrests up. Dropping them down expands the available load space to 1600 litres. This is where the longer wheelbase really pays off. Another bonus here is the ample legroom at the rear.

Top notch driving aids and connectivity…

The 308 SW in this GT livery offers a 360° camera, and parking is therefore a breeze. All the usual apps found in the more lavishly equipped cars brands of the Stellantis group are also found here, and of course Android Auto and Apple are available, and the ergonomics of the touchscreen which is slightly tilted towards the driver are also state of the art, as we said earlier.


The 308 SW is a typical modern day Peugeot. Well built and finished, a flamboyant styling language both inside and out, well performing and efficient, offering roominess and excellent everyday practicality. Its diesel engine makes it a candidate for frequent, high speed long distance use, and indeed when you are often on the road over a wider range, this is the version to choose…

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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