Bentley Continental GT wows the readers of Auto Motor und Sport…but also Abarth and Alfa!

Indeed, Bentley wins its first-ever ‘Best Cars’ 2022 award in the luxury class import category, with over 100,000 readers voted on 386 models in 12 categories.

This was the 46th edition of the ‘Best Cars’ awards from auto motor und sport.

Collecting the ‘Best Cars’ award on behalf of Bentley Motors, Dr. Matthias Rabe, Board Member Engineering.

But that is not all. Also Abarth took centre stage.

The More than 100,000 readers of “Auto Motor und Sport” have awarded the title of “Best Car” in the Mini Cars/Import category to the most famous model of the Scorpion brand.

With 26.1% of the votes, the Abarth 595 triumphs – for the 7th time in a row – in the competition that saw the participation of 386 models divided into twelve categories.

The readers of the car magazine “Auto Motor und Sport” have also once again voted the Alfa Romeo Giulia the “Best Car”. The sports sedan took first place in the middle class/import category in the election. Furthermore, this is its fifth win in the last six years. Of a total of over 100,000 participants in the readers’ competition, 18.8 percent voted for the Alfa Romeo Giulia as the winner in its category…

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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