Look on your screen(s) at the new MINI World…

The new MINI Edition models are due to hit the showrooms in spring 2022. For the first time, all current models of the tradition-steeped British premium car manufacturer will be launched at the same time, each in its own special edition. The market launch will be accompanied by an equally novel form of communication. An international campaign under the claim BIG LOVE presents the MINI 3 door with the all-electric variant MINI Cooper SE as a highlight, along with the MINI 5 door and the MINI Convertible in the Resolute Edition, the MINI Clubman in the Untold Edition and the MINI Countryman in the Untamed Edition – each as an individual vehicle character in a virtual world of its own. Each is showcased in surprising and impressive style in a 100 per cent digital format using the very latest full CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) animation technology.

The campaign adopts an integrated approach that makes use of all MINI brand communication channels along the customer journey. The numerous visual content formats targeted at the sales funnel creates a completely new look: using everything from AR animations, stories and reels through to various types of online ad, MINI gears its content precisely towards a digital-savvy audience. The innovative approach adopted by the BIG LOVE launch campaign enables MINI to address target groups in the markets even more selectively, closely aligning it with local priorities…

The central building blocks of the campaign are computer-generated images and virtual animated films. Using 3D computer graphics, images and films are created showing detailed vehicles in a setting that transcends the boundaries of reality.

The MINI Edition models always play the leading role in the animated short films. Each model is showcased and brought to life in its own lively animated world. The protagonists of the films are presented with their exclusive design and equipment features, demonstrating hallmark MINI go-kart feeling with state-of-the-art visual effects – without the cars ever touching a real road.

The campaign also includes the launch of an online showroom by MINI where fans of the brand can interactively find out about the new Edition models with pictures, videos and 360-degree views. The new vehicles can be viewed on a digital turntable from all conceivable perspectives, both as an overall image in wide angle and via close-ups that clearly show all the details. The showroom for the new MINI Edition models will go online at http://www.MINI.com as well as on the various country websites. The campaign is also available for use by all MINI dealers and branches.

So, MINI lovers, get behind your screens!

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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