Subaru unveils the Forester MY22…

Subaru announces the availability of the Forester MY22. The versatile, compact SUV with standard four-wheel drive is not only getting a makeover, it now comes with an improved suspension, even more comfort, and the latest generation EyeSight safety system.

Bolder looks…

The front bumper was redesigned with a new grille, a revised design for the headlamps and fog lamps The new fog lamp housings (in chrome or black, depending on the trim level) are better integrated with the contours of the bumper and give the Forester extra character.

At the rear only some subtle changes were made to the rear bumper protection. The roof rails will now be given a silver color and the Premium version will be fitted with new 18-inch rims. Finally, the consumer can choose from three additional colours, namely Autumn Green Metallic, Cascade Green Silica and Brilliant Bronze Metallic.

Focus on safety and comfort…

The Forester now has the latest generation EyeSight that was previously introduced on the new Outback. Thanks to Subaru’s stereo camera collision prevention system, the Forester now has a wider viewing angle (almost double) and new image recognition software along with a number of safety features, including some new functions: Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Centering function, Autonomous Emergency Steering, Lane Departure Prevention including recognition of dividing lines such as grass or road edges, Preceding Vehicle Adaptive Steering Control (following the center line of the vehicle in front of the vehicle in the lane) and Pre-Collision Braking System with comprehensive support for collision avoidance at intersections.

For even more comfort, the suspension has been further optimized, making rides even more comfortable in all conditions and on any surface. The possibilities of the X-MODE were also further refined. Once X-MODE is activated, it will automatically go into standby mode from 40 km/h and will automatically reactivate once the vehicle speed drops below 35 km/h.

Airco Gesture Control

From the Luxury version, an Airco Gesture Control is also added. Via two simple hand movements that are registered via the Driver Monitoring System, the driver can quickly and safely adjust the temperature of the air conditioning system to the desired temperature. This way the driver will not be distracted by pressing the buttons and/or looking at the screen.

The Forester MY22 is available immediately from all dealers in the Subaru network from €35,995 (€34,805 in Lux)

More news very soon to be expected, last but not least Subaru’s First Global All-Electric Vehicle SOLTERRA!

Stay tuned!

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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