Our Lexus passed the technical inspection with flying colours…

Our faithful Lexus CT 200h continues to please us. Over the past year, it clocked an average consumption of 4,8 litres/100 km, and besides fuel, it really did not need anything else. Well to wheel, it scores still very well, and given its longevity and reliability, its footprint is also quite small, adding to this that it doesn’t carry a massive array of batteries…

We had it serviced in June 2020, with amounted to basically an oil and filter change, and it will be scheduled for a new service next Wednesday December 22 at Beerens in Aartselaar. Nothing further to report, except that it rides ever so smoothly.

Our Lexus has some very clever items we started to like over the years, like for instance the command and manipulation of the infotainment system and screen via a “mouse” on the centre console.

Ever tried to enter a lengthy address on the touchscreen with your finger when “on the move”, with your car bouncing like a toy car on a cobblestoned or uneven road? Right, that’s what we mean…

The clever “mouse” command provents our screen to become soiled with finger marks…but we still keep it dust free!

Add to this the fact that your touchscreen gets so muddled up with finger marks, not exactly what you want in Corona times… So in the Lexus you rest your arm gently on the centre console, where it lies beautifully steady, and then slide the arrow with the mouse knob over the letters or symbols on the screen, and presto…

Our Lexus “sleeps” out in the open all year round, it doesn’t have a garage. Despite this, paintwork is still beautiful, also the beige interior holds very well, as the photos show.  

The car deserves a proper polish and wax treatment, and we will get around that next year… promised!

We put it though the technical control recently and, as the photo shows, there was indeed nothing wrong with our Lexus. So we have another year – until 31st of December 2022.

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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