The DS 9 E-Tense gets an increased e-range and extra power…

Continuing its electrification strategy which was already established when the brand was founded in 2014, DS Automobiles is continuing its energy transition with the launch of a new plug-in hybrid package for the flagship DS 9. We will drive the new DS9 for you mid January, and we are certainly looking forward to it!

The DS 9 E-TENSE 250 features a 200 hp 4-cylinder PureTech engine, accompanied by an 80 kW (110 hp) electric motor. A new 15.6 kWh (total capacity) battery, with an unchanged number of cells, delivers up to 70 kilometers on the WLTP city cycle (EAER City) or 61 kilometers on the WLTP combined cycle with an unchanged vehicle weight. The 7.4 kW on-board charger allows charging from 0-100% in merely 2 hours and 23 minutes.

CO2 emissions drop to merely 26 g/km, with a certified fuel consumption of 1.1 litres/100 km according to the WLTP combined cycle.

Performance leaves nothing to be desired: top speed of the DS 9 E-TENSE 250 is electronically limited to 240 km/h, with the possibility of reaching 135 km/h on electric drive only.

The DS 9 E-TENSE 250 costs €55,990 (incl. VAT) in Belgium in its PERFORMANCE LINE + version and €59,990 (incl. VAT) in Belgium in its RIVOLI + version.

More on this stylish flagship DS9 here below. Just read further!  

Hans Knol ten Bensel

Refinement for the eye and touch… in different equipment levels

As its top of the range model, the DS9 stands out, as you could expect, in sheer refinement.

The DS 9 PERFORMANCE LINE + has chrome front door badges with the DS PERFORMANCE LINE logo, DS WINGS and a chrome boot lid. The radiator grille in brilliant black is topped off by the DS PERFORMANCE LINE emblem. The 19″ aluminum MONACO Black wheels are enhanced up by a Carmine wheel core.

In the interior, one finds mixed Alcantara®/black leather seats with Carmine and gold stitching complementing the Alcantara® center console and dashboard.

On the dashboard, your eyes rest on a DS PERFORMANCE LINE badge executed in turned aluminum.

A crystal insert on the control panel below the central screen adds a further touch of sophistication. The multifunction steering wheel is crafted in perforated full-grain leather with a leather-wrapped airbag cushion and handmade Carmine and Gold stitching.

The DS 9 RIVOLI + is inspired by the Tuileries district and combines noble materials with high-quality diamond-shaped decorations. Three different interiors are offered: Basalt Black in grained leather or OPERA with a choice of two shades of Nappa leather, highlighted by Ruby Red or Black strap-on seats.

The elegance of the OPERA version is illustrated by the use of nappa leather on the seats, rear seat, center console, door panels and upholstered instrument panel.

A high-quality rear center armrest and adjustable Lounge headrests complete the comfort package for the rear seats.

The nobility of materials sooths your senses with an all-leather steering wheel, smooth leather-covered gear knob, leather-wrapped grab handles, aluminum accents on the pedals and center console, Alcantara® headliner, sun visor and parcel shelf, and haute-couture-inspired mother-of-pearl stitching.

Building on the research carried out since the brand’s inception, acoustic insulation is also further enhanced.

Acoustic and laminated glazing is combined with a state of the art welded body which dampens vibrations. You can also enjoy the sound of a 515 W FOCAL Electra® Hi-Fi system, developed especially for the DS 9, with stainless steel tweeter grilles beneath the fourteen speakers, ideally placed throughout the cabin for an auditorium-like audio experience.

Behind the wheel, you are safely assisted by the latest tech…

The DS 9 benefits from the advanced technologies that make the other models in the DS range so outstanding. With DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION, a camera at the top of the windshield scans the road, while four position sensors and three accelerometers record all movements and transmit the information to a computer that can react to each wheel individually to improve safety, comfort and ease of use.

With DS DRIVE ASSIST, the DS 9 allows its driver to enjoy a level 2 semi-autonomous driving behavior.

The speed is controlled according to the environment in which the DS 9 is driven. The system uses sensors to precisely position the car in its lane of the driver’s choice by acting on the steering. DS DRIVE ASSIST can be used at speeds of up to 180 km/h and controls speed and trajectory under the driver’s supervision to ensure comfort and peace of mind.

The speed is controlled by an adaptive controller, which makes it possible to manage the driving conditions in traffic jams: the car restarts automatically after a stop of less than three seconds. If the car is stationary for a longer period of time, the DS 9 is restarted in traffic with a simple push of a button or a touch on the accelerator pedal.

DS DRIVE ASSIST’s on-board camera detects solid and broken lines. While driving, it constantly analyzes the image and deciphers situations. It keeps the vehicle in its lane, or even in the part of the lane desired by the driver. If the driver prefers to regain control of the steering, he or she cancels the correction by holding the steering wheel firmly. The change is also interrupted when the direction indicators are activated. The system can be activated from 30 km/h.

When parking, the DS PARK PILOT function detects parking spaces when driving at a speed of up to 30 km/h. The driver then indicates on the touchscreen that he or she wants to park in a stroke or a slot. Then there’s only one thing to do: press the Park button and wait for the technology to work. Acceleration, braking and steering are controlled automatically. DS PARK PILOT also makes it possible to leave a parking space.

On long journeys, DS SAFETY combines a series of key functions: DS NIGHT VISION, DS DRIVER ATTENTION MONITORING, DS ACTIVE LED VISION, blind spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking, comprehensive traffic sign recognition and active lane departure warning.

DS NIGHT VISION offers an exceptional view of the road at night. The infrared camera, located in the radiator grille, detects pedestrians, cyclists and animals on the road up to 150 meters away. The driver sees the scene of the accident on the large digital handset, with hazards displayed in yellow and then red depending on the degree of hazard. He can then respond.

DS DRIVER ATTENTION MONITORING uses an infrared camera on the top of the steering column and a camera on the top of the windshield to continuously monitor the driver’s eyes for fatigue (blinking), face (direction of gaze) and head movement for distractions, as well as the trajectory of the driver. car on the road, especially driver anomalies or steering inputs. For example, it can identify any drop in vigilance due to an anomaly in any of the factors – blinking, non-linear and erratic movements – and automatically trigger an audible and visual alarm on the central screen, day and night.

In addition to the visual pleasure provided by the modules that light up and rotate 180° at the counter, the DS ACTIVE LED VISION can be adapted in width and reach to the driving conditions and the speed of the car. Different lighting modes are automatically activated: Parking, Town Beam (increased beam from the third second of driving), Country Beam (focused on the front from 50 km/h), Motorway Beam (increased range from 110 km/h), Adverse Weather (activated when the windscreen wipers are on, increased module power and reduced high beam intensity) and High Beam (maximum illumination combined with automatic high beam switching). The “revolving headlamps” function completes the offer. By illuminating the road better and further, or with a wider beam of light, the driver – and the passengers – gain in safety.

Needless to say that we are looking forward to sample driving impressions of this new version of this refined “grande routière”, and as said, we can tell you already that we will drive the new DS9 for you mid January, so stay tuned on these columns!

We will unveil also soon some more Citroën news, a bigger range for the ë-C4 and Citroën informs its B2C and B2B clients to make still better use if their plug-in hybrid C5 aircross…

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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