We drove the Subaru Impreza e-Boxer: a thoroughbred born for today’s hybrid age…

Subaru has always been synonymous with engineering excellence, resulting in truly thoroughbred practice- and rally proven cars, which have since many years won a large number of devoted followers. You can count us among them: we have always liked the cleverness of the boxer engines, coupled to superb 4WD systems. Now Subaru has gone a step further and coupled a modest 16 HP E-motor to its 150 HP Boxer, all this in combination with an excellent CVT “Lineartronic” transmission and its symmetrical 4WD.

We already told you in these columns about the pleasant drive characteristics of the Subaru hybrids. The Impreza follows suit. We were again charmed by the subdued throb of the trusty boxer, and how well balanced the whole drivetrain goes about its task. If you put your mind and right foot to it, this Subaru can truly surprise you with excellent economy.

Again it proved easy to achieve an average of 6,6 litres/100 km, as the electric motor cuts in quite often when you move your Impreza with anticipation through tight urban traffic. It will also regenerate kinetic energy under braking, and does all this without any interference from the driver. Very clever and relaxing. Under smaller throttle openings and lighter loads, the CVT transmission will spontaneously choose low revs, and keep the engine running very efficiently. When you put your foot down, the transmission will let the engine rev up eagerly, and this results in adequate sprint performance, in the region of 10 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h.  Top speed is a good 190 km/h, enough to satisfy all of us.

Comfortable and predictable handling

The latest generation Impreza now runs on the Subaru Global Platform, and this delivers very predictable handling, on all roads cand weather conditions. Indeed, you feel very safe in this Subaru, and it is not only engaging, it also makes you a better driver. Moreover, it also converts you in a safer driver. Indeed, the Subaru offers state of the art driver assistance systems. Its EyeSight system with two stereo colour camera’s gives you an additional pair of eyes on the road and steers the adaptive cruise control, lane sway and departure warning, amongst others.

The Subaru has also a clever lead vehicle start alert, which warns you when the car in front of you starts going again. The two eyes will also let you keep your lane and helps you with its pre-collision braking system. Eventually, in the worst case scenario, your Subaru will start braking automatically to limit any damage.

The 4WD is of course an asset in snowy weather conditions, and lets you also tackle many country roads with peace of mind.

Elegant and practical

Subaru styling is quite good on this latest generation Impreza, and also the cabin is altogether pleasing. The infotainment and instrumentation is top notch and practical, with everything ergonomically well laid out and a breeze to use.

One feels immediately at home in this Impreza, and this is meant to be. USB and Aux inputs are provided of course, panoramic sunroofs can be had, and this Impreza offers up to almost 1300 liters of luggage space with all seats folded down.

Dual zone automatic airco and the excellent seats provide you with comfort on long and short trips. We also liked the feeling of solidity of the bodywork and cabin of this Impreza, and we all know also that Subaru’s score very high on reliability.


Very well equipped, practical and easy to use, predictable handling, and last but not least superb mechanical sophistication and smoothness combined with good suspension comfort make this Impreza quite endearing. The characteristic boxer sound reminds the aficionado of the legendary sporting heritage of the brand, which is now well adjusted to the “green” eco-times we are living in right now. A reliable companion for any weather, road, with economy and reliability thrown in, this is what you get with this Impreza. Just think of it…

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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