Audi presents new S3 Sportback and Sedan

Premium compact cars with sporting characters are a tradition at Audi. For more than 20 years now. It is indeed so long ago already that the first generation of the S3 series was born. Now it comes with ever more style and power. Its 2.0 TFSI engine produces 228 kW (310 PS) and 400 Nm (295.0 lb-ft) of torque. Enough to almost send you to the stars. It will accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds, and that puts it almost in the supercar league. This marvelous four cylinder is coupled to a seven-speed S tronic, and you are a master of the road thanks to the quattro drive with intelligent control. An S-specific sport suspension with optional damper control also enhances your driver’s talent. There are further highlights, just read on…

Hans Knol ten Bensel

The S3 Sedan in python yellow

Indeed, A number of other new features – including the operating concept, infotainment, and assist systems – round off the high-tech character of the S3 models.

Audi has introduced some new specific styling accents. The lower areas on the body sides are now curved inward – placing a stronger emphasis on the wheel arches. Of course, the S3 has now an even more distinct light signature: digital daytime running lights consist of a pixel array made up of 15 LED segments, ten of which form two vertical lines.

Detail Four exhausts to document the sporting note…

Aficionados will also like the large diffuser at the rear end and the four exhaust tailpipes…The new model is also slightly bigger. The Sportback and the Sedan are three centimeters (1.2 in) and four centimeters (1.6 in) longer respectively, while both models are three centimeters (1.2 in) wider. The interior offers greater shoulder room and elbow room. The luggage compartment of the S3 Sportback holds between 325 and 1,145 liters (11.5–40.4 cu ft) depending on the position of the rear bench seat, while the Sedan has a capacity of 370 liters (13.1 cu ft).

High-tech sportiness…

The engine has what it takes, and sports the Audi valvelift system (AVS) – which adjusts the lift of the intake valves when required. Top speed is electronically governed at 250 km/h. Via the Audi drive select system you can make the sound of the powerful four-cylinder turbo engine even crisper…

The hydraulic multi-plate clutch in front of the rear axle is fully variable and moves the power flow between the front and the back at will. It is managed by the modular dynamic handling control – a new system that closely links the quattro drive to the Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC) and the controlled dampers that are available optionally. Then valves control the oil flow in the dampers so that they adapt to the condition of the road, the driving situation, and the driver’s requests, reacting within a few thousandths of a second.

…also found in the cabin


There is a new, compact shifter for the seven-speed S tronic and decorative aluminum or carbon inlays whose design evokes the cut of the headlights. The cockpit is focused on the driver. The distinctive air vents form a single unit with the instrument cover. A 10.25-inch digital display is offered as standard. Alternatively, the Audi virtual cockpit and its “plus” version can be ordered. Both have a 12.3-inch diagonal, with the latter also offering three different screens. In the middle of the instrument panel is a 10.1-inch touch display embedded in a large black panel. It recognizes letters entered by hand and provides acoustic feedback. As an additional operating level, the infotainment can also be voice-controlled using natural language as standard. Audi also supplies a head-up display as an option.

A new generation of infotainment

The MMI operating concept of the new S3 models is powered by the third-generation modular infotainment platform (MIB 3). Its computing power is ten times higher than that of its predecessor, it performs all tasks relating to connectivity with LTE Advanced speed, and it has an integrated Wi-Fi hotspot.


Navigation offers predictions on the development of the traffic situation, high-resolution satellite images from Google Earth, and information about the traffic flow. Individual settings, such as frequently selected destinations or air conditioning preferences, can be stored in up to six user profiles.

…with clever Car to X features…

The Audi connect online services also include car-to-X services, which help with finding available parking spots on the roadside or allow the driver to surf the green wave by communicating with traffic lights in cities like Düsseldorf and Ingolstadt. Connectivity between the new Audi S3 and the user’s smartphone is free of charge via the myAudi app, as well as via Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and the Audi phone box – which links the device to the vehicle’s antenna and charges it inductively.

Last but not least the S3 is environmentally conscious with a combined fuel consumption in l/100 km of 7.4 liters and combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 170–169 for the sportback. For the S3 Sedan, the combined fuel consumption in l/100 km is  7.3–7.2 l with CO2 emissions at 166–165 g/km.

So you want a state of the art sporting mount? Then take a close look at this Audi S3, it offers you everything modern day driving can deliver…with tons of driving pleasure!

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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