Our Lexus CT 200h passes annual technical test with flying colors…

Our Lexus is now just more than a year with us, and has proved to be not only a smooth performer, it also is immensely frugal. Our average consumption over the whole year was an astonishing 4,7  liters/100 km. Nothing whatsoever was amiss with our Lexus, it started always at the first push of a button, and we didn’t have to add anything except 95 octane fuel.

It was time to put it through the annual technical inspection, which it passed with no remarks at all. The MOT inspectors were also impressed when looking underneath the car: the drivetrain units and transmission were totally dry, no leaks whatsoever, suspension top notch, as was the bodywork.

A green inspection report, OK to drive another year…

These results are hardly surprising when we read the latest press announcement from Stephan Lesuisse of Lexus Belgium, announcing that the Belgian consumer organization “Test Aankoop/Test Achat” (translated Test Purchase) has awarded Lexus with the title of the most reliable brand in 2019. International consumer surveys with 43.000 clients participating put Lexus on top with Toyota being a good third, and also other Japanese brands scoring very well in the top 5 group. Only one brand in this group is not Japanese…

Our Lexus proved fault free at the annual inspection…

Lexus ended with a 95 % score, with a 93% result for Toyota. But that is not all. Lexus cars has earned the 2020 What Car? Reliability Award in the UK. This honour follows on from Lexus’s exceptional performance in the 2019 What Car? Reliability Survey, in which the brand was the highest-ranked manufacturer for the third year running and its CT 200h hybrid luxury hatchback recorded a 100 per cent fault-free performance across the previous 12 months.

Need we say more? No small wonder that we are continuing to drive our Lexus CT 200h with a broad smile on our car loving face…

Hans Knol ten Bensel  

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