EQ power for Mercedes in Brussels…

Mercedes-Benz is launching at the Brussels Motor Show with a scoop: after the digital premiere of the GLA in mid-December, the youngest member of the Compact Car segment makes its very first worldwide physical appearance in Brussels.

The brand new GLA will be joined by the Belgian premieres of the CAP and the GLS – both available as seven-seater.

In addition, the EQ offensive from Mercedes-Benz is gradually coming up at full speed: from the newest and therefore most efficient generation of diesel engines and EQ Boost on petrol engines to the EQ Power Plug-In Hybrids from A-Class to S-Class to fully battery-powered EQC, the smart EQ facelift and the EQV in Belgian premiere.

In the next year we will drive the E-300, and indeed, as you can read in our columns, the EQC has greatly impressed us…

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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