Our BMW Z3 repaired: the airbag seat sensor proved faulty…

Our Z3 entering the service bay at BMW Jorssen…

Our beloved Z3 is healthy again, and the service experts at BMW Jorssen in Aartselaar diagnosed that the reason why the airbag lamp stayed lit was the passenger seat sensor. It is manufactured by SBE Elektronik for BMW, and ceased its service after so many years.

Of course, diagnosing and detecting the reason why the airbag telltale lamp stayed on takes also some time, and eventual malfunctions in the electrical system also need then to be checked.

The sensor mat of the passenger seat malfunctioned…

It proved to be the sensor mat in the passenger seat, and this needed to be replaced. Locating the fault, removing and replacing the mat and making a final check up cost us in total 295 €, ex VAT.

The actual sensor mat cost 178,80 € ex VAT, and the steering electronics of the seat sensor set us back another 58,80 €.

But now our Z3 is ready for another great season! Keep posted for further reports!

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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