Bodywork and interior of our Lexus CT 200h professionally repaired at Carrosserie Vercruysse…

Our Lexus was expertly sprayed after the scratches below the fuel filler cap were repaired, and a perfect colour match was achieved…

Needless to say that we are very pleased with our pre-owned Lexus, and of course we want it also to look absolutely spotless. So we decided to let it have a good beauty treatment, and we got some expert advice on our choice where to go. Carrosserie Vercruysse in Halle was suggested, and with good reason, as they perform repairs on the car fleet of Toyota and Lexus “Try and Buy” centre. Of course we checked also others, like Lexus Wijnegem for instance, but Carrosserie Vercruysse proved to be the most competitive here.

We are quite pleased with the excellent results, and we tell you more about how the repairs were done…read on!

Hans Knol ten Bensel

The four alloy wheels also had all taken some good scuffs from kerbs and raised footpath borders, and could also do with a cosmetic overhaul. On the photo below you see them after restoration, they simply look again indistinguishable from new…

We are very fond of the looks of our Lexus, in deep blue paint livery with beige interior. It has some minute blemishes, but just needed most attention on the left rear area under the fuel filler cap and the left rear door, where it had some nasty scratches.

They first tackled the body, and as the photos clearly show, the surface repair was masterfully done, and the damaged body area is now totally smooth. The colour matching with the rest of the bodywork is just perfect, thanks to the careful colour balancing which is achieved by Carrosserie Vercruysse using the latest technologies, like the Daisy Wheel of Fillon Technologies.

The Daisy wheel by Fillon technologies makes perfect colour matching possible…

We found out in our further research that this so-called Daisy Wheel enables automatic and accurate dosing (-/+ 0.05g: the most accurate on the market) thanks to a so called fast weighing cell developed specifically, electromagnetic valves controlled directly by the weighing cell. Of course, the entire process is controlled by a computer and its software.

It is actually 10 times more accurate than the classic method. It also stores paints more effectively as the packaging involves containers with an interior pouch to prevent contact with the air and the premature evaporation of the paint components. Furthermore, the so-called Soft mixing guarantees optimum preservation of the paints.

As a finishing touch, the sprayed area is
carefully polished and checked in the special newly built “spot and repair” cabin, where thanks to the special lighting small dents from hail can be easily seen, essential for professional repair of hail damage, in which Carrosserie Vercruysse also specializes.

The continuous rotation makes it possible both to cancel the gravity effect, and therefore sedimentation, and to maintain the consistency of the paint. The continuous, slow rotation (4 rotations / hour) avoids all paint stress. Wow! Carrosserie Vercruysse is quite pleased with this technique, and you can even look and listen to their comments on You Tube, link:

In the interior, the glove box lid had also been damaged with three nasty punched holes, but otherwise seats and other surfaces and panels are totally impeccable. As Carrosserie Vercruysse also executes professional interior repairs, we decided to let them have a go at the glove box lid.

The glove box lid completely repaired…

The repair of the damaged glove box lid was also state of the art: first, the holes are filled with a special fluid, which then solidifies and is then buffed and polished so the blemishes are completely worked away.

Finally, the whole part, in this case the lid, is then sprayed to match the finish of the surrounding panels completely, after which another final polishing is done. We invite you to look at the photographs here…

Hail damage and small dents…

Carrosserie Vercruysse also specializes in the repair of the (many) small dents which can be caused by (strong) hail. Since 2004, manager Wesley Vercruysse started with this, and he told us that experience, patience and sheer mental concentration are the keys to a professional repair here. His firm is now establishing a network of specialists throughout the country where you can let your car be repaired from this hail damage.

In the framework of this hail damage repair activity, Wesley Vercruysse also showed us his new repair cabin, which is equipped to count the small dents caused by hail, and as one gets in a very short time an overview of the multiple bodywork blemishes and damage. This makes this cabin with its special lighting an ideal tool to perform hail damage repairs swiftly and professionally. This cabin is also used for the final control of newly painted bodyworks which results in perfect finish and quality for the customer.

We show you here the photos of their very professional work, and will soon also bring our BMW Z3 to their premises, as besides sme very small parking dents in both doors, the sides of the black leather seat backrests show some wear and tear, where Carrosserie Vercruysse has a solution… Stay tuned!

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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