Spring outing with our BMW Z3…

We took our pristine Z3 for its first (short) spring drive to Duffel, where we photographed it in front of the neogothic church …

The green leaves are slowly emerging on the trees, and so it is high time that we take our beloved BMW Z3 out of its winter sleep. We had carefully kept the battery charged, and so our BMW sprang to life immediately out of its winter beauty sleep. The engine immediately set into a very smooth idle, and our first drive was as sweet as we could ever wish.

The control lamp of the airbag stayed lit on our first spring drive. We bring it to BMW Jorssen this week…

One snag however, the warning lamp of the airbag stayed lit, and so we have it inspected this Wednesday at BMW Jorssen. Just stay tuned on these pages to see and read how everything works out…

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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