Renault is at the Brussels Show in 2019, and looks further into the future…

The recently appointed CEO of Renault Benelux, Jerôme Pannaud, commented on the commercial results of Renault in Europe.

At its annual press conference prior to the Brussels Motor Show, Renault looks back at a very successful year, lifts the veil on new and improved models, and paints a bold scenario on how it sees the future.

All this in a beautiful and stunning “art déco” setting at the villa of the institute Bruno Lussato & Marina Fedler, which is an outstanding venue for conferences and presentations for corporates and groups.

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Hans Knol ten Bensel

Renault Belgique Luxembourg Communication Manager Karl Schuybroek presented first the new and revamped models Renault and Dacia will present at the Brussels Show.

The Renault Kadjar receives a restyled front end, and gets the C-shaped led light beam signature of the whole Renault range. From the Intens finishing level onwards, the LED Pure Vision technology becomes standard equipment. In the cabin, a new 7 inch multimedia touchscreen shows the R-Link 2 features and the whole dashboard design is more fluent and elegant. The Kadjar also comes in a top end “Black Edition”. Seats and ventilation are also improved. The biggest news is under the bonnet, where the new generation 1,3 litre petrol engines, developed by the Alliance together with Daimler, now find a home. We discussed this new engine generation extensively in our earlier report about the Nissan press conference, and in the Renaults the unit is dubbed 1,3 TCe GPF , and is available in 140 and 160 HP versions. The Diesel engines receive selective catalyzer reduction, (SCR), and the whole range benefits from Nissan and Alliance know how when it comes to 4WD technology and the EDC double clutch auto transmission.

For the sporting hearts, there is now also the Mégane RS Trophy, which has a new version of the 1,8 L Turbo engine, developing not less than 300 HP and 420 Nm of torque. A special sporting “Cup” chassis handles all this power safely, and a special Torsen limited slip differential gets all this power on the road…

French luxury and panache: the Talisman S-Edition

Renault’s passenger car range flagship sports already the Intens equipment level, but stresses its sporting character with 19 inch Alizarine wheels, Full LED Pure Vision headlamps and black leather dashboard finish. The Talisman receives the new 1,8 liter TCe 225 engine coupled to a 7 speed EDC auto box. This state of the art engine is developed by Renault and Renault Sport engineers, and is built to develop 225 to 300 HP. We already enjoyed this magnificent engine in the A110 Alpine, and is also found in the Espace, and of course Mégane R.S. and R.S. Trophy, as we mentioned here. Needless to say that we are keen to bring you in the coming year driving impressions of this magnificent stylish Gallic sedan…

A special “Rainbow” edition for the Dacia range

At the occasion of the Brussels Show, Dacia introduces for our and the Luxembourg market a special “Rainbow” edition. The eloquent name has been selected out of 520 proposals received from the Dacia Cherry Club community and participants, and this edition offers amongst others a metallic paint finish.

Excellent commercial results in the Belgian market

The recently appointed CEO of Renault Benelux, Jerôme Pannaud, commented on the commercial results of Renault in Europe. Renault and Dacia market share in Belux for passenger cars and LCV’s is now the second largest in Europe with 12,7 pct, with the market share in France being 24,1 pct. The sales volume to the fleet market is larger (53 pct) than to the private public and we see this trend continue since mid 2015. SUV’s are also the most popular segment now, with 65 % of Renault buyers now preferring petrol engines.

In the AB segment, the Renault Clio is the most popular, with the Dacia Sandero a good second. In the AB-SUV segment, the Renault Captur takes first place, with the Sandero Stepway being third. In the C-SUV segment, the Dacia Duster is a good second, with sales rising dramatically by not less than 60 pct.

In the light commercial vehicle market, Renault has in the Belux a market share of 13 pct. The Zoe is the second most popular EV in Europe.

Unfolding the Renault design strategy…

Mr. Jerôme Pannaud further held a very interesting presentation about the philosophy of Renault design.

Its central focus is (your) life in all its aspects and phases, beginning with love, then exploring, (founding a) family, work, play, and finally wisdom. With Love and Exploring as focus,

Renault created the Trezor, and with Sports and Play as focus,

there is the Renault Sport Vision with the RS 2027. Work and Family come into focus with the Personal Mobility Vision Symbioz, which integrates into the modern, eco-intelligent house. (see photo below)

Looking further into the future mobility

Of course, urban mobility is very much centre stage with the EZ Go,

which provides public/individual  transport with autonomous E- vehicles. Last but not least there is the EZ Pro, which offers autonomous E-mobility for commercial logistic purposes, making the last (delivery) kilometre or mile emission free.

French panache will always be amongst us, and lives also strongly at Renault. They offer us a vision of what an autonomous, electric, connected, premium vehicle should look like, with the EZ Ultimo.

We will come back on the EZ Pro solutions soon, as it contains many clever and intriguing aspects,

as well as the stunning institute Bruno Lussato & Marina Fedler and its oriental art treasures, in our lifestyle section.

Hans Knol ten Bensel