Citroën sells 41% more in China, and launches in Beijing a new C4 Aircross SUV…


A new C4 Aircross for the Chinese market…

Car lovers like me vividly remember the publicity photos where little red painted AX Citroëns drove on the Chinese wall, amply showing that the brand with the double chevron always had a heart for the Chinese market. It seems this love does not remain unanswered: Citroën chalked up an impressive sales gain in this continent, and China is now its second biggest market, after France(!).

Citroen AX op muur

Just read on…

Hans Knol ten Bensel

In the first quarter, the brand consolidated its momentum with 34,000 units sold, a rise of 41% vs. first-quarter 2017.

China now accounts for 57% of Citroën sales outside Europe, compared with 46% in first-quarter 2017.

This renewed offensive in China is driven primarily by C5 Aircross SUV, which has already notched up over 35,000 orders since its local launch last September. Building on this commercial momentum, the Dongfeng Citroën stand is premiering on the show the second vehicle in the brand’s SUV offensive: the C4 Aircross. This new compact SUV is the Chinese version of C3 Aircross, which has already sold almost 70,000 examples since its European launch last October. Built locally in Wuhan, the C4 Aircross will be launched in China in the second half of the year, taking up a position between the C3-XR and C5 Aircross SUVs already sold by Dongfeng Citroën.


Specific dimensions and styling for the Chinese market…

The dimensions of C4 Aircross are one of its main specific features: 4.27m long (compared with 4.15m in Europe), with a greater rear overhang and a wheelbase increased to 2.655m (compared with 2.60m in Europe).

To make C4 Aircross longer, the overall balance of the styling lines had to be reworked. This made it possible to integrate Airbumps® on the lower part of the doors. This styling upgrade gives the body a more dynamic look, underlining its SUV identity. At the same time, C4 Aircross is available to Chinese customers with customization offers, through the introduction of two-tone roof and Colour Packs including Airbump® surrounds.

With futuristic and unique connectivity

The C4 Aircross includes the driving aids found on the European version. It is also the first vehicle built by the DPCA joint-venture to feature the AliOs system developed by Banma Technologies, a new co-venture between Alibaba Group, Chinese No. 1 in e-commerce and SAIC Motor Corporation Limited.

With this system, the driver gains access to ultra-personalized services on a large 9” touch screen. Considered as an ‘internet car’, Citroën’s C4 Aircross features onboard WiFi. It also innovates with an array of new functions, like over-the-air updates of the infotainment system, natural voice commands, online music and navigation, online payment of car parks and service stations, recommendations on places to visit or restaurants based on the driver’s habits, and synchronised appointment management through the connected navigation system using the driver’s diary.

A harbinger of things soon to appear on our market? You bet…

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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