Vermant NV launches Collection, a full service for classics…

Vermant collection beeld

We told you already earlier on these pages, that Guy Vermant, who is a Volvo dealer since decades, and has included now Kia and Polestar in its range, has always nurtured a true passion for classic cars. He now presented on the Antwerp Classic Salon his new project, “Collection by Vermant”.


At the Antwerp Classic Salon, Guy Vermant presented the “Collection by Vermant”, and the fiery red P1800 won the coveted Concours d’Elegance in the category of cars being built between 1956 and 1975. 

The classic car market has grown ever more popular, and Guy Vermant is convinced the time has come to deliver expert assistance to the owners and lovers of classics.

His concept provides a comprehensive range of services: first of all service, where three specialized mechanics cater for repair, revision or partial restauration.

Collection By Vermant - Photo by

Then there is storage, where Vermant has a proper “refuge” for your coveted classic.

Collection By Vermant - Photo by

Vermant collection beeld 3


Another shot from the”Collection by Vermant”  stand at the Antwerp Classic Salon…

There is also a Care & Shine service, where the owner can select between detailing and corrosion protection operations.

A three step polishing session is developed, and also a special coating process for the protection of bodywork hollow spaces or alloy wheel protection.

Collection By Vermant - Photo by

Collection By Vermant - Photo by

Collection by Vermant will also prepare your car for rally’s and will also transport your car to and from concours sites. Last but not least it will provide you with support. This includes valuation, intermediation and expert advice.

Vermant collection beeld 2

Of course, there will also be classic cars on offer, soon there will be a brand new showroom with a selection of classics to choose from.


Guy Vermant taking his prize at the Antwerp Classic Salon… 

Soon we will report more in detail about these services, so stay tuned on these columns. One date to note in your diary is April 26, where the Collection by Vermant will have its “open house” evening, from 19 to 23 h, at the Generaal De Wittelaan 7B, 2800 Malines, Belgium.

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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