Our Volvo 850 receives new roofstrips…


Our Volvo now looking “nearly as new” after receiving new roofstrips thanks to the gracious intervention of Volvo Car Belux and dealer Guy Vermant…

The faithful Volvo turns his rounds, after its enjoyable summer trips to Sweden and South of France. It passed recently the Belgian annual(!) official technical control with flying colors and is now fit for service for another year. When it was proudly rolling  of the production line in Torslanda last summer it received admiring looks from the Volvo people there. Of course, the roofstrips shared the fate of many on older 850’s and V70’s, and this was the only manifest flaw on our otherwise relatively pristine Volvo.


Our Volvo in the premises at Vermant Mechelen dealership where in March a special classic car service will be opened…

The Volvo people, both the official importer and Volvo dealer Guy Vermant took this to heart and thanks to their gracious efforts and intervention, our Volvo got new roofstrips, giving it now the coveted “nearly as new” appearance.


The weathered old strips were carefully removed…

Our Volvo received the new strips in a new wing of Guy Vermant’s Malines dealership, where Guy Vermant will start up next March a classic car service, catering not only for classic Volvo’s, but other makes as well.


We already could see here the impressive and well equipped workshop and facilities, admiring also the expertise and workmanship of classic car expert Ruben Bosch (on the left) and his colleague Dave Siebens, who mounted the roofstrips with utmost care and an eye for perfection. Their “savoir faire” truly bodes well for this future classic car service!


Here they both pose proudly before a 1960 Volvo PV 544, wich is still in totally original condition, having led a sheltered life, and which is now being awakened out of a 20 year beauty sleep…

We will tell more about this new service soon, when it will be introduced at the 41st edition of the Antwerp Classic Salon, which will be held at Antwerp Expo from 2 to 4 March.


Our Volvo posing proudly before Vermant’s classic car service workshop, to be opened in March…

Hans Knol ten Bensel


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