Renault looks back to a good year, is present at the Brussels Show and drives the future…


At the press conference, director general Jean-Paul Renaux first commented about the presence of Renault and Dacia on the forthcoming Brussels Motor Show

Renault Belgium has always something special in store for the Belgian press at the end of another successful year.


This month they invited us to the premises of the Brussels Bozar, where we could enjoy a fascinating Margritte exhibition, before telling us more about the commercial results, its presence at the Brussels Salon and its (bold) plans for the future…

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Hans Knol ten Bensel

At the press conference, director general Jean-Paul Renaux first commented about the presence of Renault and Dacia on the forthcoming Brussels Motor Show, where the new Mégane R.S. and the Symbioz Concept Car will take centre stage.


The future Renault/Dacia stand in palace 5 of the Brussels Motor Show…

The new Mégane will be available to the public in January, and will offer 4CONTROL four wheel steering no less, together with a brand new 1,8 liter 280 HP/390 Nm petrol engine.


The Symbioz Concept Car (see our report further on this site) will also offer stunning looks, as well as exploring the mobility of tomorrow.


Next to the Renault stand in Palace 5 will be Dacia, displaying proudly the new Dacia Duster, which is a highly popular car in our country with not less than 44.000 units sold since its introduction seven years ago. A revamped exterior, a host of new accessories and a redesigned cabin complete the picture of this attractively priced SUV.


Further on, on the thematic display in Palace 1, the iconic “first edition” Alpine A110 will be shown. This first edition is quite exclusive, with only 1955 examples being built. 252 hp push this Alpine in 4,5 seconds to 100 kmh. A seven speed dual clutch Getrag transmission takes care of lightning fast changes.

Good results for the Renault in Belgium…


Director Communication Karl Schuybroeck introduced us to the conference…

Throughout the European market, Renault is establishing a good position, of which more soon in an official statement. At the press conference, Mr. Renaux  focused on the Belgian market, where on the passenger car market, Renault reached a market share of 9,1 %, with Dacia achieving 3,3 %. Worth mentioning is that Nissan went to 3,4 % on our market.

In the AB segment, the Clio is in first place, with the Dacia Sandero being in 4th position.  In the compact (Segment B) SUV segment, the Captur occupies a second place.

In the commercial vehicle segment, Renault is sharing its biggest market share with Peugeot, both having achieved 13 %.

From drive the change to drive the future

In its strategic plan “drive the change” running from 2011 to 2016, Renault renewed its line up, established its EV leadership, achieved a better regional mix and improved its competitiveness. Improved financial discipline let it achieve a cumulative automotive operational free cash flow of not less than 5,7 bln €, with a 30 % increased group turnover and operating profit grown from 1,1 to 3,3 bln €.

All this forms a solid (financial) base for the next plan, “Drive The Future”, to be rolled out over 2017-2022.

The plan is to deliver annual revenues of over €70 billion, achieve a group operating margin of over 7% by the end of the plan, with a floor at 5%, and positive free cash flow every year. “Drive The Future” is aligned with the Groupe Renault vision: sustainable mobility for all, today and tomorrow.

One of the key elements is worldwide profitable growth, with 21 new vehicles including 3 add-ons,  expanded Russia presence through Renault and investments in AVTOVAZ (Lada), accelerating opportunities in China, new strategic joint ventures in EV and LCV, with growing market opportunities in Brazil, India, Iran.

The Alliance has the scale and technologies to support the growth: Common platforms – 80% of Group Renault vehicles , R&D Investment – €18 billion over six years, with a multiplier effect from the Alliance. Connected – 100% vehicles connected in key markets, autonomous – 15 AD vehicles and last but not least new mobility services: Ride-hailing, robo-taxi services to be introduced by end of plan.


In terms of product momentum, in the A/B segment, Renault will focus on the renewal of most popular Clio, with the introduction of the first Automated Driving (AD) level 2 application and an electrified powertrain offer. In the C/D range, there will be a facelift throughout the range, with a new engine range and top AD & Connectivity offer. For the SUV’s, a full renewal is also in store, also with the latest AD and connectivity. In the LCV range, the Kangoo will get a renewal.

Drive the Future will also include investment in digitalization in all parts of the company, in new talent recruitment and skills development. The plan will further enhance industrial competitiveness, reduce the company’s carbon footprint, and improve sustainability…

Bold plans for the future!

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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