We visited the Oro Tempo show in Brussels: watches and jewellery for car lovers…


The end of year festivities are approaching fast, and therefore it is high time that we bring you some suggestions to spoil you and your partner or spouse with memorable and timeless gifts. So when Pascal Dewulf, press and communication officer of the Oro Tempo show at the Heysel, invited us to attend the event, we grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

This report marks also the start of a regular column on the lifestyle section of our site, where we will report regularly on watches, jewellery, and all the finer things which enhance your personal style.

Just read on…

Hans Knol ten Bensel

The Oro Tempo show was held on the Heysel exhibition grounds on September 10 and 11. Indeed, situated at the heart of Brussels Expo, it brought together all the key players in watchmaking and jewellery . Much to show and tell you here, and so watch out for the following posts, but we kick off with some remarkable novelties brought by GTime, thanks to the documentation given to us by their press officer Amélie Putmans.


But before we start with this, I just want to show here a photo of the Omega watch of my wife’s grandfather, sitting on my antique Japanese chest in my office, neatly in its box, and of course still in perfect working order. In our family, we have always been quite fond of watches…


By the way, I am also the proud owner of a Chopard watch given when I participated with my father in the 1994 edition of the historic Mille Miglia. On the back, the starting number 257 of our car is engraved. Here you see the photo.  Of course, a watch to hand over to coming generations…

You can read more about all this on our former website autoprova.net, and we give you here the link: http://autoprova.net/an_immortal_saga__driving_the_mille_miglia_in_1994_with_my_father.

But now again back to the watches of the show. Of course, our first focus is on car lovers, but when we see other beautiful watches and jewellery, there is no reason to keep it from you!


A Briston watch, fitting for the sporting (classic) driver…

One watch brand which caters for the lovers of sporting classic cars and the lifestyle which it evokes, is Briston. It is a French brand born out of a very British spirit. Brice Jaunet founded Briston watches after being 15 years in the watchmaking industry. He has been inspired by the work of his grandfather, wo was the co-founder of the NewMan brand in 1967. He created a brand that suited and reflected his personality.


The Clubmaster Vintage collection caught our eye, and its sporty chic combined with its watchmaking DNA, gives Briston its unique style. Working with innovative materials, such as cellulose acetate, and colours give Briston watches their distinctive character.


Photo Courtesy GTime 

Briston also offers the perfect balance between a contemporary “timepiece” and a chic accessory – casual but resolutely and thoroughly accessible. We show you here the Clubmaster Vintage, which is designed to be a timeless classic in the Clubmaster collection of Briston. Its models chronograph and Small second offer both a retro and a modern look.

Another watch which pleased us because of its single dial arm layout is MeisterSinger . Of course, these watches are in a different price league when compared to the Briton watches, and are aimed at the discerning watch amateur.


On the Baselworld salon they presented a model which indicates the running reserve. It is laid out as a semi circular dial indicating how many hours the watch will run until it needs rewinding, reminiscent of the fuel gauge in a (classic) car.


Photo courtesy GTime 

Of course, there is so much more, and the coming days we will report on it further, as many top class firms were present on the Show, with stunning products.  So stay tuned in this column…

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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