We drove the VW Multivan 2,0 TDI Flower Power: happiness is wherever you go…


If you think joy is hardly found anymore in our modern times, then just climb behind the wheel of this Flower Power Volkswagen, and surprise yourself. Not only will put this Multivan a smile on your face, you will meet joy and happiness at every corner of your voyage. We were never literally stopped by ecstatic housewifes and girls before, climbing off their bikes or stepping out of their cars, and grabbing their smartphones to take pictures of “our” Multivan.

This car brings joy to your life, and that of many others…Just read on!

Hans Knol ten Bensel


Indeed, the Volkswagen “Bulli” legend lives on, and the hippie “peace and love” age certainly still moves the spirits. When we stopped at a cosy bistrot/restaurant in the south of Brussels, half of the guests present stepped outside to admire, photograph and touch our cute transport parked romantically near the village church. As you can judge by the photographs, this Multivan certainly looks the part.


Our Multivan came with the trusty 150 HP four cylinder 2 liter Diesel, coupled to a smooth seven speed DSG box. A very good marriage indeed. Smooth and easy progress is combined with quite spirited performance and very reasonable economy, of which more later.


The “clou” of the Multivan is of course its roominess. And indeed, it offers plenty of it. Our test car had three rows of very comfortable seats, two in the front, two in the second row, and three in the back.

The seats are mounted on rails inbedded in the floor, and therefore offer ample and very easy adjustment.


The luggage floor surface area is then rather short, but it is still long enough to fit an aircraft bin size suitcase, and of course it is high, so no trouble at all to put your suitcases upright.


Another strong point of the Multivan is accessibility even to the last row of seats through its rear sliding doors. On top of all this useful spaciousness comes the excellent ride. In the version we tested, one can choose between comfort and sport settings, and putting it in the “C” mode lets you enjoy the comfort this VW with its generous wheelbase can deliver.


Long trips are quite enjoyable in this Multivan, the 150 HP makes it fit for high cruising speeds without any strain, and irrespective of the load.

Performance of the 150 HP leaves indeed little to be desired. Acceleration from 0 to 100 goes in 13 seconds, top speed being a solid 181 km/h. Another strong point is the economy. Driven with anticipation and moderation, consumption below 7 liters/100 km is very well within reach, with the official data being 6,7 liters in urban driving, 5,5 liters op the open road and merely 6 liters when driving on the motorway.


As with any larger volume car, aerodynamics play an important role beyond 110 km/h, and when cruising at this speed for instance, consumption drops below 6 liters, full load or not.

CO2 emissions are also quite reasonable with a value of 155 g/km.The Multivan has standard BlueMotion technology, which involves energy recuperation, tires with optimized rolling resistance and a stop/start system.


Cabin ambiance with a touch of luxury…

We were driving the Highline version of the Multivan, and the finish of the dashboard is superb. Black lacquered surfaces and classic round, chrome rimmed instrumentation complete the picture. Of course, climatronic airco and a premium touchscreen with easy to use infotainment leave nothing to be desired. The interior is very versatile, and it is good to know that the two individual seats in the second row can be turned 360°, and with an optional table one can create in a breeze a mini conference, eat- or playroom.


Its possibilities are nothing short of endless. Seat upholstery is of premium quality and sturdiness, from alcantara through leather, every wish can be fulfilled. The second row individual seats can also be fitted with an integrated baby seat. Thanks to the built in rails, the 4,3 m3 cabin room can be organized just like you wish.



The Multivan has all the qualities to remain an absolute icon, its styling, workmanship, sturdiness, quality and economy make it an ideal workhorse for the family.


Lest not forget that you can also order it with the 4MOTION four wheel drive, making it also an ideal partner for those wintery roads, mountainous country roads, and your go anywhere partner for that picnic.

It is of course also an ideal business partner, whisking people to the airport or the conference, for instance.

And, yes, like our Flower Power, it can be playful and inspiring, and win the hearts of many…

Hans Knol ten Bensel

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