Brussels Motor Show has interesting news – part 3


Further car news and novelties to be enjoyed, and beautiful styling and bodywork shapes to be admired, as well as to be tasted… we just lead you further on our tour…

Hans Knol ten Bensel

La bella Giulia… and amazing Fiats

The thoroughbred Giulia which turns eyes comes on the Brussels Show with a sporting “Veloce” versions, but also the MiTo and Giuletta have been refreshed. We recently drove the 170 HP “Veloce” version of the MiTo with the dual clutch auto box, and we enjoyed every meter we drove it. Read our test report soon…


We are presently driving again the formidable Fiat Tipo, a car which documents impressively the “savoir faire” of the Fiat group in building harmonious and flawless cars coming at an attractive price. We drove both the 1,6 and 1,3 liter MultiJet Diesel versions, with the hatchback body, and they are nothing less than the benchmarks in their (price) class.

There is of course also the stunning Abarth 124 Spider, a car which is also very high on our test drive list.

Renault unpacks the Koleos and delights the senses…


Centre stage at the Renault stand was taken by their new Koleos, which has gained immensely in styling and panache. We already told you time and again that the styling people conducted by Laurens van den Acker are doing a great job, and this shows again in this latest Renault SUV, which will be available in spring this year in our country. In Brussels, the top equipment version “Initiale Paris” makes its debut.

Electric cars are also quite important for Renault and the Alliance for that matter, and Renault presents the ZOE with an extended range to not less than 400 km. The car is immediately available by the way… The new Kangoo Z.E has also a 50 pct bigger range.

Renault in good tradition delighted our culinary senses again with a heavenly luncheon on press day at the salon, with Wout Bru as Chef.  Wout has done this for Renault at the show now already for 10 years…


We show you here a photo of him on the left, with a smiling Karl Schuybroeck, Director Communication at Renault Belgium Luxembourg to the right.

Last but not least, the Scénic is also to be admired, which has won in our country the VAB Family Car of the Year, and this for good reason…

Sporting news for the good three pointed star…


At the Brussels Show, Mercedes unveiled its GT-R Coupé, with 585 Horses to hurtle you down winding roads at record breaking speed. It has of course the suspension to take all this in safely, and awaked the (safe) driver in you. It looks also stunning indeed. There is also a cabriolet version of the AMG GT, and of course the E-class is present “en force”, with a break and also a crossover version, dubbed the “all-terrain”, which is the 4WD version of the break.


The C 180 Coupé adds also a touch of elegance as a debut at the Brussels show…

The range of crossovers has been facelifted, and there is also the rejuvenated GLA to be admired, a few days after its premiere in Detroit…


Soon more here, we just say good bye for now together with a charming biondina leaning on her shining Maserati… just dream away!

Hans Knol ten Bensel








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