Our Jag goes into winter retreat..


It is always an exquisite pleasure to drive our classic Jag, but with the first wintery and stormy days coming up it is time to give our faithful Type S a well deserved rest.


As the Jag is lately beset with (slowly) leaking fuel tanks, we decided to get the car checked out and repaired, while it is standing protected in winter.


So we acquired the expert services of Didier Spiessens, who will solve the tank problems and keep the car well cared for in his premises.


We will soon tell you more about all this and treat you also on a full report about the activities of his firm Personal Car Services. We show you here some photos when he collected our car. More about the further developments soon…

Hans Knol ten Bensel


For your info, here you find the contact data of the Didier Spiessens firm:

Personal Car Services

De Robianostraat 76 – 2150 Borsbeek – Belgium



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