The new Porsche Panamera: the very quintessence of a sporting sedan


There are cars which mark their epoch. Such a car is the Porsche Panamera. There is simply no sedan in the world which embodies in such a superb manner sportiness, pur-sang styling and performance than this sleek and imposing sedan.

It takes courage to change this winning combination. But the Porsche engineers and styling people took on this challenge.

The result is a further evolution of the iconic Panamera. A car to enjoy, just simply by looking at it. We therefore tell you here what’s new, and show you the pictures, for you already to enjoy, before we can tell you soon how this gem handles and drives… Just read on!

Hans Knol ten Bensel


Dr. Gernot Döllner, head of the Porsche model range, commented: “we took many courageous steps and developed not only the new body, new powertrain and new chassis but also a completely new overall vehicle. Through all the changes, however, the Panamera remains faithful to its original conceptions.” We can only agree.

Let us lead you through the highlights of the new Panamera.

In terms of styling, there is a more striking front end, sharper lateral lines as well as rearward tapering roof and rear window surfaces underline the sports car characteristics of the Panamera. What is particularly remarkable is the new, characteristic light panel at the noticeably broader rear.


Indeed, this entire rear end is a highlight of the new Panamera. “We have used many elements typical of the Porsche DNA there,” says exterior designer Peter Varga. “The rear wing is shaped in the style of the iconic 911, placing a greater emphasis on width. Incidentally, the light panel integrated in the rear is a new feature.”

Now, LED tail lights with a three-dimensional design define the rear view of the Panamera. Below the light panel, there is a black bar with the Porsche lettering in 3D providing an additional connection to the tail lights and creating a new element in Porsche’s language of design. Like the previous model, the new Panamera also has an adaptive, retractable rear spoiler below the rear screen.


With the sloping flyline of the roof and the typical Porsche curved windows, the Panamera displays its visual affinity to the iconic 911 sports car in the side view as well. What is more, the clear lines extending along the length of the vehicle provide a sharpened sports car silhouette.

P16_0384_a5_rgb_edited_edited crop

Additional new features include the vertical design of the air outlet behind the front wheel housing as well as the steeply angled rear end. Furthermore, an unmistakeable appearance is ensured by wheels which are now enlarged to 21 inches.

New engines

The newly developed generation of engines offer even greater performance and more dynamic response, and are now coupled to the newly developed 8-speed Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK). This transmission converts the enormous torque of the engines into acceleration that you would expect from a sports car, at the same time allowing comfortable driving over long distances.

High-precision illumination with LED headlights

The new Panamera has optional matrix LED headlights. The 84 LEDs can be activated individually, automatically adjusting to the particular lighting conditions. This means vehicles driving in front of you as well as oncoming traffic will no longer be blinded, whereas the areas in between and alongside will continue to be fully illuminated.

Numerous assistance systems for greater comfort

They keep you on track, control your speed, detect road signs, and provide support during long night-time journeys.


Porsche InnoDrive*, used for the first time in the Panamera, significantly reduces the burden on the driver because it expands the adaptive cruise control with additional, innovative functions and optimizes speed on a predictive basis.

Innovative chassis systems increase sportiness and comfort

With enhanced optional chassis technologies such as the 3-chamber adaptive air suspension technology, the new Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport (PDCC Sport) and—available for the first time in the Panamera—rear axle steering which boosts performance and everyday usability, the Panamera reaches new heights of balance between sportiness and comfort.

P16_0381_a5_rgb_edited_edited crop

The newly integrated Porsche 4D Chassis Control which networks all control units together that are relevant to the chassis and optimizes the overall performance of the system—for the best possible blend of comfort and sportiness. Moreover, the Sport Chrono package offers technologies from motorsport. The Mode switch derived from the 918 Spyder, together with the Sport Response button on the steering wheel prepare the engine and transmission for the fastest possible getaway.

Comfort equipment and personalization

You can put your own mark on your Panamera with a large number of high-quality comfort and personalization features such as the standard panoramic roof or the optional leather seats with massage function, optional ambient lighting, or the optional ioniser for improved air quality in the cabin. But there is more…

Stay networked with Porsche Connect Plus


The Porsche Connect Plus module fitted as standard in the Panamera ensures maximum connectivity in your Porsche. This system features items like wireless Internet access though the embedded 4G LTE module, and allows you the use of numerous Porsche Connect services such as Real-time Traffic Information, Porsche Car Connect or Apple CarPlay(TM).


We will tell you more about this iconic and formidable Panamera when we are able to lay our hands on it and experience its fine qualities… stay tuned!

Hans Knol ten Bensel



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